Netrek is the _original_ Internet team strategy game. First implemented in 1989, Netrek pits two teams of up to 8 players each against each other for control of the galaxy.

Use torpedoes and lasers to destroy enemy ships.

Bomb enemy planets.

Land armies to capture planets.

Work as a team to wipe your enemy from the galaxy.

This Netrek client is implemented in Swift and SwiftUI and is open source at

Historic information and documentation about Netrek is available at

Join the "Netrek-forever" Google group to get notifications of scheduled "human" games. In the meantime practice against the robots!

Starting Instructions:
1) Select a server (we recommend a "Bronco" style server such as
2) Launch cruiser.
3) A "Team not allowed" message may appear. If that happens select a different team and repeat #2.

If no other humans are playing, practice against the robots!

Game controls:

Tapping near center of the screen fires torpedoes.
Tapping near the edge of the screen sets course.
Stepper in bottom-right sets speed.
The first tap on an enemy ship fires a laser.
More taps on enemy ships fire torpedoes.
Lasers recharge in 1 second.
Tapping on a planet locks onto the planet for orbit.
Pinch to zoom in the tactical window.
Exit by clicking both self destruct buttons.

At this time, the iOS and iPadOS versions of Netrek are not recommend for the "hockey" variant of the game due to lack of tractor/pressor controls.

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